Can't Sleep!

Oh man! Today is an important day(Big Research Show Off Day) and for some reason I can't sleep. I've decided to take advantage of this and create my zonelets blog after putting it off for 100 years.

It's a trash can I took a pic of in highschool circa 2012, exciting.

I'll be talking about alot here hopefully. I have alot of thoughts on internet people, video games, music, media, mental health, why the light goes out in the fridge, and other scary things that come to mind. It'll probably be a place for me to whine about whatever or post reviews too. Eventually, I wanna do my opus of a liveblog of a visual novel, but maybe this isn't the place for it who knows.

I hope whoever reads the slow progression of my blog enjoys it! Become a pud exile today.

BTW, I got this name from a random generator and I thought it sounded good. Uh, once I opened a pack of pudding and it was full of mold so I guess it was a sign.